I am reading the Book of Job while watching the snowfall. A storm. A quiet storm. And the Book of Job reminds me of the storms of life. We all have them. But what do we do with them? Read how the storms are in Job’s life. Job was a model of trust and obedience to God, yet God permitted Satan to attack him in an especially harsh manner.

Although God loves us, believing and obeying Him do not shelter us from life’s calamities. But in our tests and trials, God expects us to express our faith to the world. How do you respond to your troubles? Do you ask God, “why me?” or do you say “use me.” Adversity destroys the superficial faith. But adversity strengthens real faith by causing believers to dig their roots deeper into God in order to withstand the storms. Job’s suffering was a test for Job, Satan, and us-not God. If you want to know a little more about how Satan works, read about Job. Other Books in the Bible you might read are 1 Kings. When we are in pain we are vulnerable to Satan’s attacks. We must hold on to our faith. There are two things we can do. Give up or trust God and draw strength from Him to continue.

Job’s friends believed that the law of cause and effect applied to all peoples’ experiences. Their life boiled down to this: Good things happen to good people, bad things happen to bad people. But Job couldn’t understand why he was suffering so much when he was sure he had done nothing to deserve such punishment. Sometimes God allows it to purify us. God didn’t offer Job an answer, instead He drove home the point that it is better to know God than to know answers. Often we suffer consequences for bad decisions and actions. Job’s willingness to repent and confess known wrongs is a good guideline for
us. Sometimes suffering shapes us for special service to others. Sometimes suffering is an attack by Satan on our lives. And sometimes we don’t know why. At those times are we willing to trust God in spite of unanswered questions?

I believe sometimes God wants to break us until we can break no more in order for us to fall on our knees and come to Him. Truly come to Him. When we feel there is nothing left but Him and Him alone. Then true and genuine faith will come and pick us up and carry us when nothing is left but Him! Keep your eyes on Him, my friend, not on yourself or your circumstances.

Start reading the Book of Job. Job was a man who endured patiently. The Book of Job is about patience, endurance, suffering, wisdom and faith in God. In the end what broke Jobs patience was not the suffering but not knowing why he suffered.

In faith, Janice

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