The Haddonfield Baptist Cemetery

In 2018 The Haddonfield Baptist Cemetery,  located at 402 Kings Highway East, is celebrating two hundred years of existence, along with The First Baptist Church of Haddonfield.  The first two meeting houses for the church were located on the grounds of the cemetery.  The cemetery was first used strictly for Baptist members,  but many residents of the area who were non-members were attracted to this location. With the additional land purchased from Mr. Roberts, a Haddonfield resident, the Baptist cemetery became a community cemetery.

The administrator is on site in the back portion of the John Sisty Chapel from:
Monday thru Thursday 11:00 AM to 2:30 PM.
Appointments can be made by calling:

Full burial grave sites and cremation sites are available for purchase.

The staff invites you to come and visit, thus learning more about our historical cemetery

Betty Willingmyre
Haddonfield Baptist Cemetery