A Historic Church…

The history of our church has to do with people, people who dreamed dreams, fulfilled opportunities, and gave their lives to the corporate life of the church. In 1817, Reverend John Sisty began preaching to a small group of Baptists in the Grove School in Haddonfield.  At that time there was only one house of worship in the little village, the Quaker Meeting House.  The First Baptist Church was organized in the school in 1818 and built its own meeting house the following year on land which is now the Baptist Cemetery.

…with a Historic Mission.

The present church building in the middle of the small business district was erected from 1885-1886 by Haddonfield builder Wm. S. Capern and stonemasons Budd and Braddock, also of Haddonfield.  The architect was Isaac Purcell.  In 1907 an addition was built to the Sunday School, followed in 1915 by an even larger addition to the Sunday School.  Extensive remodeling of the exterior was undertaken in 1944, including the present gray stone front.  In 1955, there was a complete remodeling of the Sunday School and basement. The sanctuary was remodeled in 1965.  The new stair tower at the rear of the building was added in 1991.  The slate roof was replaced in 1996.  The church is a member of the American Baptist Convention and has over 300 members.