Environmental Committee

The mission of this group is to SEEK AND SHARE INFORMATION ABOUT ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES WITH THE CONGREGATION, LEADING US ALL TO UNDERSTAND THAT CHRISTIAN DISCIPLESHIP INCLUDES ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP.  The group initiated a recycling program for the church and went on an insight trip to Camden’s FCR Recycling Center to find out what actually happens to the recyclables after they are picked up at the curb.  First Baptist of Haddonfield became the first church in Camden County to be recognized by the Camden County Division of Environmental Affairs for its recycling efforts.  This group also advocates getting outdoors to enjoy and learn about God’s creation.  They sponsored our first ever “Creation Sunday Service” which in prayer and music completely focused on the beauty of creation and our responsibility to God to preserve it.  Outdoors that day, refreshments were served, children planted flowers, and a member of the environmental group displayed an awesome red truck which he had newly converted to electric power.  Among its many goals, in the fall the group will be discussing an “Equal Exchange” fair trade coffee project and fundraiser.

God’s Green House

For further information about the meetings, please contact Sandra Mezger at wmezger@aol.com.