The First Baptist Church of Haddonfield

Join First Baptist for services this Sunday

We invite you to join our community for this Sunday for services. Each and every week Pastor Michael and our excellent choir spread the Lord’s word. If you’ve never joined us before we’d love to see you. If you haven’t been for a while we’d like to see you back.

Today’s Bible Verse

You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.

First Baptist Hours


  • 9 AM – Contemporary Worship Service
  • 10 AM – Adult Bible School
  • 11 AM – Traditional Worship Service
  • 11:15 AM – Children’s Sunday Enrichment
  • Communion First Sunday of the Month
  • Childcare provided

Church Office:

  • Tuesday thru Friday:
    9:00am – 2:00 pm

Cemetery Office:

  • Monday – Thursday 10:30 AM – 2:30 PM or by appointment

Church Staff:

The Rev. Dr. Michael J. Feicht, Pastor
Eleanor Shockey, Organist, and Director of Carol Choir
Dr. David Shockey, Director of Chancel Choir
Robert Gardner, Director of Handbells
Anne & John Picking, Contemporary Music Leaders
Marilyn Nutt, Sunday School Superintendent
Janice Kessler, Nursery Staff
Betty Willingmyre, Cemetery Administrator

200th Anniversary Celebration Song

(to the tune of BEECHER, John Zundel, 1870)

You, O God, we praise for our two hundred years in Haddonfield,
Celebrating all we share – Your saving grace, Your truth revealed.
From those faithful ten who gathered, sowing seeds in hope and fear,
Such a vine has grown and flourished, blessing others far and near.

Bless the members founding churches in the towns of Collingswood,
Moorestown, Marlton, Medford, Westmont; spreading news that God is good;
Haddon Heights and Laurel Springs and Ellisburg and Hillman, too.
Through such plantings many souls have found salvation and found You.

Missions global to Rwanda, China, India, and Ukraine,
To Montana, Puerto Rico, we extend the Great Campaign.
In IHOC and Urban Promise how our local missions grew,
Caring Hearts and Habitat and Feed My Starving Children, too.

Though the world around us changes, still Your church stands firm and strong.
We who love You ever praise You, lifting hearts in prayer and song.
Congregations past and present, congregations yet to come,
May they in this church find You and rise to their eternal home.

R. Gardner, 2018

Historical Notes

On August 17, 1817, Reverend John Sisty began preaching to a small group of Baptists in the Grove School House in Haddonfield, New Jersey. At that time, the Quaker Meeting House was the only house of worship in the little village.

The First Baptist Church was organized on June 11, 1818, with ten faithful constituent members. The next year, the group built their first meeting house on land which is now the Baptist Cemetery.

As the congregation grew, this brick building was replaced in 1852 by a brownstone Byzantine meeting house with a tall tower for which the retired Rev. Sisty donated the bell.

By 1885, Haddonfield had expanded, and the congregation felt that the church should be more centrally located, and the current Gothic-style building was erected in its downtown site incorporating sandstone and the tower bell from the second meeting house. The exterior was remodeled in 1944, the interior in 1955, and the sanctuary in 1965.

Through the years, the congregation has had a legacy of service, caring, and evangelism. We celebrate the founding of the church 200 years ago.

“Look back gratefully, penitently, forgivingly. Look forward hopefully, courageously…The God of all the yesterdays is the God of all the tomorrows.”
From “The Reminder”, December 28, 1913.